Say “Farewell” to A1addin
and “Hello” to AffinAlways!


Get Ready for A1addin Experience on AffinAlways

Effective 2 March 2024, experience a fresher version of A1addin and A1addinbiz as they merge into AffinAlways. Access to all AFFIN accounts and more financial activities efficiently – all in one place.

What you need to know

Check out these important events to ensure a seamless transition from A1addin to AffinAlways

What you need to do

AffinAlways is new to you? Check out these step-by-step guide!

Not an AffinAlways user yet?

Step 1

  1. Visit your nearest AFFIN branch for debit card collection and AffinAlways registration

Step 2

  1. Go to AffinAlways internet banking to perform First Time Login

Step 3

  1. Download the AffinAlways mobile banking app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Step 4

  1. You can now start banking on AffinAlways, via either the web or the app

Already an AffinAlways user ?

Step 1

  1. Log in to AffinAlways via :
    1. Web browser at https://rib.affinalways.com; OR
    2. AffinAlways Mobile Banking

Step 2

  1. You may link your A1addin account to your existing Affin debit card by visiting any Affin Branch.

Some guidance for you

AffinAlways is new to you?
Check out these step-by-step guide!

AffinAlways Internet Banking

  1. How to perform First Time Login?
  2. How to view my account details / transaction history?
  3. How to transfer funds via DuitNow?
  4. How to pay bill via JomPAY?
  5. How to approve transactions via AffinAlways app?

AffinAlways Mobile Banking App

  1. How to Perform First Time Mobile Setup
  2. How to View My Account Details Transaction History
  3. How to Transfer Funds via DuitNow - Pay to Account
  4. How to Transfer Funds via DuitNow - Pay to DuitNow ID
  5. How to Perform an Open JomPAY Bill Payment


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