College is a great time to learn how to manage
​​​​​​​your finances and build good spending habits

A smart start for students

College isn’t just about academics

We offer various options to complement your life outside of campus

Internet banking made easy for students

Move money quickly, easily, and securely

Transfer money and pay your tuition fees with just a few clicks

Check account balance

Check your account balance instantly

Mobile friendly

Ease-of-use banking functions, be it on your desktop or mobile phone

Why choose us?

Go cashless as a way of life

No more carrying cash and it’s more secure than you think

AFFIN Rewards Points

Earn AFFIN Rewards points on your everyday purchases to redeem e-vouchers and other cool stuff

Banking 24/7 anywhere, anytime

Enjoy banking at your fingertips, at all times

Friendly customer service

Our agents are always ready to assist you

Join our Management Trainee Programme! Brew a career with probably the most exciting industry

How to reach us?

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