Treat Customers Fairly Charter

At AFFIN BANK and AFFIN ISLAMIC BANK, we are committed towards treating our customers fairly and professionally with the aim of building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. This Charter specifies our commitment to protect the interest and wellbeing of our customers. In doing this:

  1. We commit to embed fair dealing into our institution’s corporate culture and core values
    • We will set minimum standards on fair business practices in all dealings with our customers. This includes providing financial services or products suitable to our customers’ financial circumstance and preserving the confidentiality of our customers’ information.
    • We will train all staff attending to customers to provide quality advice and recommendation.
    • We will actively seek thoughts and suggestions on how the Bank can serve customers better and provide immediate constructive feedback to our staff.
  2. We commit to ensure that customers are provided with fair terms
    • We will ensure that the terms in the Bank’s standard contracts are fair, transparent and well communicated to customers.
    • We will ensure that the terms and conditions set out the respective rights, liabilities and obligations clearly and as far as possible in plain language.
    • We will ensure that the terms and conditions in contracts or agreements are not altered without prior notification to customers.
  3. We commit to ensure that customers are provided with clear, relevant and timely information on financial services and products
    • We will provide customers with relevant and timely information in a Product Disclosure Sheet.
    • We will ensure that information disclosed to customers in the Product Disclosure Sheet provides a clear and balanced representation on key features, risks and benefits to enable customers to make informed financial decisions.
    • We will ensure critical terms are brought to customers’ attention and explained to the customers.
  4. We commit to ensure that our staff, representatives and agents exercise due care, skill and diligence when dealing with our customers
    • We will conduct sales, advertising and marketing of our financial services and products with integrity and will not make false or exaggerated claims.
    • We will ensure that our staff, representatives and agents provide customers the opportunity to independently evaluate the benefits or risks of a financial service or product.
    • We will avoid or clearly disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest.
  5. We commit to ensure providing suitable advice and recommendations to customers
    • We will take reasonable care to ensure the suitability of advice and recommendations provided to our Customers.
    • We will obtain sufficient information from customers as necessary or appropriate to the natureand complexity of the financial service or product being sought by customers.
  6. We commit to ensure that customer complaints are handled promptly, fairly and effectively
    • We will provide customers with clear redress options if they have any concerns or feel that they have been unfairly treated.
    • We will ensure that complaints are handled in a prompt, fair and effective manner.
    • We will ensure that our customers are updated on the resolution of complaints that are more complex and/ or require a longer time to be resolved.

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