e-Banking Charter

At Affin Banking Group, it has always been part of our effort to ensure that the deliverables of our online financial services or product to our customers are secure, safe, reliable, confidential and in accordance with the client charter below:

Commitment Towards Safe And Secure Operations

We are committed to ensure the security of the operations of our Internet Banking Services. We have also implemented strict security controls and procedures to lessen the risk of unauthorised access to our confidential information. You may visit our Online Security and Privacy page section of our site for more information on security and safety operations.

Privacy And Confidentiality of Your Data

Affin Banking Group highly respects every customer's right to privacy and security of personal information, as well as financial transactions handled by us. Therefore, we employed the tightest possible security measures complimented with strict security policies in our operations and protection of your data.

Providing Reliable & Quality Services

It is our main objective at Affin Banking Group to provide reliable and quality services to our customers at all times. Our experienced staff manages and ensures that our service quality control standards are met.

Transparency Of Products And Services

We are committed to ensure that our descriptions and details of products and services offered online by us shall not be misleading or false. We shall also ensure, to the best of our ability that any and all representations, statements and assurances, which are made or provided by us are at all times accurate and true.

Prompt Response For Enquiries And Complaints

We always welcome and encourage your enquiries, feedback and complaints as opportunities to understand your needs better. We shall therefore promptly respond to all your interactions with us.

How to reach us?

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