AFFIN Smart Money-i


Financing Margin

Up to 100% of AFFIN ISLAMIC Term Deposit-i (AITD-i) value

Financing Tenure

  • Minimum: 12 months

  • Maximum: 10 years

            Financing Amount

            • Minimum: RM10,000

            • Maximum: Up to 100% of AFFIN ISLAMIC Term Deposit-i (AITD-i) value held under lien

            • ​​​​​​​Customer can combine several of his/her AITD-i accounts to apply for the preferable facility amount/limit.


                      AFFIN ISLAMIC Term Deposit-i lien to AFFIN ISLAMIC BANK/AFFIN BANK with same value or more than the facility amount.


                      Cash Line against Term Deposit-i 

                      Flexible access to standby credit secured by your AFFIN ISLAMIC Term Deposit-i

                      Shariah-Compliant Financing

                      Based on the Shariah concept of Tawarruq.

                      Pay for utilisation
                      Profit is only payable on utilisation, making it an economical credit line. ​​​​​​​

                      Standby Credit

                      Flexibility to access standby credit without breaking your term deposits.

                      Ceiling Profit Rate

                      Get protected against a higher rate by profit rate capped at 12% per annum.

                      Rebate for Early Settement
                      Enjoy zero fee for early settlement before maturity and be rewarded with rebate (ibra’) which is equivalent to the deferred profit at the point of settlement.


                      Malaysians who are between the ages of 18 and 86 years old

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