Effective 2 December 2023

AffinSecure App authentication will be migrated to
AffinAlways mobile banking app.
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Min Annual Income

RM 24,000

What’s new about AffinSecure?

Effective 2 December 2023, we will migrate the AffinSecure authentication functionality to the AffinAlways mobile banking app. This change is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the overall user experience and security features.


What you need to know?

Transaction types that require AffinSecure approval?

All financial transactions, such as fund transfer and payment, initiated from both AffinAlways internet banking and mobile banking app.

Transaction amount that requires AffinSecure approval?

All financial transactions regardless of amount.

Will AffinSecure replace the SMS TAC?

Yes, AffinSecure authorisation will replace SMS TAC for all online financial transactions.

What happens to the AffinSecure app?

The standalone AffinSecure app will no longer be in use as the authentication functionality will move to the AffinAlways mobile banking app.

How to authorise transactions from AffinAlways internet banking?

How to authorise transactions from AffinAlways mobile banking?

Here are some tutorial videos to assist you.



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